Disney Debuts Rose Gold Backpack and Wallet


Disney has dropped a magically beautiful line of rose gold sequin accessories.

Disney made the announcement in an Instagram post that showed off a sequined a wallet and a mini backpack.  This comes after Disney released rose gold tees, Minnie Mouse ears, and cupcakes this past year.

💖 new rose gold churros at @disneyland 💖 how did we get so lucky??

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The wallet and backpack are perfect items to be showing off when adventuring through the parks. Going to the parks is also the only way to get your hands on the new accessories. Because the items aren’t being sold online, there isn’t a way to find the exact price, but some Instagram users have said the backpack is $85 and the wallet is $50. The sad news is that the backpack is already sold out.

Clearly, the items are a big hit, but are you surprised? Disney is always on top of their fashion game. There is no word on if, or when, Disney will be restocking their shelves with the rose gold accessories, but we hope it’s soon.