Amy Lee Demonstrates an Everyday Monolid Makeup Look


YouTuber Amy Lee, or VAGABOND YOUTH, rocks an everyday glamorous look and teaches us how to replicate it.

Amy Lee is a down-to-earth social influencer who loves to talk on her AM with Amy Monday segments, as well as create fashion, lifestyle, and makeup videos. She encourages girls to stay true to themselves and acts like a big internet sister who shares life advice with her followers.

In a new video of hers, she explains that she has hooded eyes without a crease and has found what looks flattering on her. It is an everyday makeup routine, but also is helpful specifically for people who do not have the double-lidded eyes, common but certainly not exclusive to Asian people.

She starts by saying she is no beauty guru, yet has helpful tips for techniques such as putting on eyeliner and doing the classic winged shape, which can be intimidating for those who don’t have the lines or boundaries, per se, naturally.

This video is a perfect example of embracing your beauty and using makeup to enhance features you have. It’s about owning your look, being comfortable, and feeling good. Now that’s some Self Love. Watch it below.


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