Madelaine Petsch Helps Gordon Ramsay Celebrate a YouTube Milestone


Riverdale‘s “Ice Queen” takes on the “King of Mean” in a vegan Masterchef cookoff.

To celebrate Gordon Ramsay’s billionth YouTube video view, he brought Riverdale star, YouTuber, and one-time Masterchef Junior production assistant, Madelaine Petsch to the Masterchef kitchen for a meatless challenge.

“Watching Gordon Ramsay cook on television has been a staple in my life for a long time, so I thought it would be fun to go up against the self-proclaimed ‘King of Mean’ and see if I could keep up in the kitchen, but also not cry in the process,” wrote Petsch on her channel.

To make the competition fairer, Petsch, who has far less experience in the kitchen than Ramsay and would rather watch him cook than do it, curated the vegan-friendly mystery box ingredients.

“Did they tell you I’m vegan?” said Petsch when hinting at the contents of the box.

To meat-lover Ramsay’s dismay, the only steak he was getting would be of the cauliflower variety.

Scoring her own Masterchef apron, Petsch was able to hold her own against Ramsay, despite his wacky antics.

To find out the winner of the challenge, and to get Petsch’s take on the wholesome, lighthearted experience, the follow-up video, Am I a better chef than Gordon Ramsay? Ft. Gordon Ramsay, is now up on Petsch’s YouTube channel.