Justin Bieber Is Set to Be in an Animated Movie


Musicians turned actors are something we see in Hollywood all too often, but let’s just say hearing that Justin Bieber would soon become of them was a bit surprising, yet at the same time all too exciting.

Bieber is set to play Cupid in an upcoming animated film produced by Mythos Studios. This does make sense, however, considering Bieber’s longtime manager and friend Scooter Braun is a co-founder of the production company. So far the movie seems to be called “Cupid Movie” from hashtags that have been seen on social media.

There has been little information released regarding the new animation film, but Cupid seems like an extremely fitting role for the young heartthrob. Cudos to you casting crew.

Bieber, however, does seem particularly excited about the project due to the fact that he shared a rough sketch of what is presumably his character in the film on his Instagram page.

We hope this movie allows Bieber to release some new music for the project, but for now, check out the sneak peek of Justin’s character below:

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