Brand New Starbucks Summer Drinks


Frappy (frappuccino) hour, every hour.

Summer 2018 is off to a kick start with Starbucks’ new frappuccino drinks. These popular sweet treats are perfect for the blistering hot summer days to come. There are a few to highlight in this piece, starting with the Ultra Caramel Frappuccino® and Triple Mocha Frappuccino®, both of which are layered blended beverages in the United States and Canada.

These coffee-based drinks came out May 1st, 2018. Both feature cold brew whipped cream- made with the Starbucks cold brew, dark caramel, and white chocolate sauce at the bottom and top of the drink. They are made with their respectively named sauce, Frappuccino coffee base, milk, and ice.

The next drink that is newer to replace the classic Strawberries and Cream flavor is the Serious Strawberry. This drink is made with Strawberry fruit infusion tea, milk, cream base, strawberry puree, and topped with whipped cream. It has an enhanced and stronger strawberry taste.

Of course, any of these can be modified with non-dairy milk options. There’s a drink for everyone to enjoy this summer.