The Museum of Ice Cream Is Coming to NYC


The Museum of Ice Cream used to be the main attraction in Miami until they closed up shop and have decided to move down to NYC this summer.

The popular Instagram installation has made its way to NYC, so get your Snapchats ready to capture the eye appealing and somewhat pricey exhibit. “The Pint Shop” will be an interactive grocery store that will have you shopping around in an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. The pop-up is open to the public on June 6 and located at 459 14th street.

Since the Museum of Ice Cream has brought the hype to a few states they have done so well that they are able to create their own ice cream. The ice cream they will provide for to customers will be their own brand and even Target picked it up to sell in stores starting July 8th.

Ticket prices are around $38 dollars and up and due to popularity you want to get your ticket soon since you will not be the first in line.