More Than Just Pride This Month


The month of June has a lot of month-long observances, events, and other things to look forward to this month. I bet you want to know what the month of June has to bring to us other than excitement, celebration, and pride.

LGBTQ+ Pride Month

If you didn’t know, the month of June is Pride Month for the LGTBQ+ community, and everyone is waving their flags in solidarity and pride. This month is the month of love and pride of loving who you want to love. Also, openly accepting who you are with others while sharing the same views as you do.


African-American Music Appreciation Month

Did you know that June is also known for being African-American Music Appreciation Month? This month is dedicated to all the African-America musicians, composers, and artists that have shared their music with us.  On June 7th, 1979, President Jimmy Carter announced that the month of June was meant to honor and appreciate Black music. Let’s not forget to appreciate Black music from people like Beyoncé, Rihanna, J. Cole, Kanye, and all the other Black artists, musicians, and composers this month. 

Haitian Potato Salad / Shutterstock

Caribbean Cuisine Month

Are you into having or trying unique foods or meals? Well, this month is also Caribbean Cuisine Month.  So make sure to go out and try that famous meal from your nearby Jamaican, Haitian, Cuban, Trinidadian, Puerto Rican, Dominican, or any other Caribbean culture’s restaurants for this month. Go out and try to eat something new this month, and enjoy those tropical, Caribbean spices and flavors. 

Just to list a few things that are popular this month, June has a lot of great things to appreciate, be prideful for and take advantage of. Remember to appreciate famous and legendary Black musicians, and go out and try some delicious new foods from other Caribbean cultures. Get ready to enjoy June!