How to Impact Others One Step at a Time


Now you know how when one person does something sweet for you and it sticks with you the whole day. Why not give that feeling to others? The world is all connected somehow because the way you treat someone can impact how they treat someone else.

The smallest acts of kindness impact so many people from holding the door for someone to merely smiling.
1) Give compliments
If you see someone who is rocking the cutest pair of shoes or the best looking outfit you should inform them that they look amazing. If it a simple “You have a beautiful smile” or ” You look nice today. ”
2)Live outside your comfort zone
Step outside the box and express yourself. Do something you wouldn’t do every day such as buying a bright outfit, dying your hair, or maybe even walk up to a complete stranger and introduce yourself. By being yourself and living comfortably in your own skin, it will encourage others to do the same.
3) Give back to others
Some of us are fortunate enough to have free time on your hands, thus go out your way and help someone else. Maybe, work at a food bank for a couple of hours making sandwiches. Go to daycare and ask if they need help. Google places that need help or assistance.
4) Express your knowledge
If you know something that others aren’t fortunate to know spread that knowledge. Teach others what you know, you never know it might resonate inside of them and get them to think.