Summer Glo Up

Ok Ladies the summer is here. Everyone talks about getting ready for the summer but let’s not put a timeline on glowing and improving our lives. During the summer spend more time on yourselves. Try new things that will help you shine brighter than a diamond.
Focus on you:
-drink lot of water
– write on post-it notes things that you love about yourself and stick it in an area that you will always see
– go on a shopping spree
– get in the pool as much as possible this summer
– get your nails done
– try a new hairstyle
-eat somewhere you’ve never gone before
– meet new people: it’s okay to have a small circle, but meeting new people can be fun
-try to stress less
-try listening to new music
Exercising is something that isn’t for everyone, but it is something you can try to take your mind off of things and find the motivation to keep going.
Exercise routine:
10 jumping jacks
30- seconds to a minute plank
30 push ups
1-minute wall sit
5 push ups

Remember some of these things don’t work for everyone.