Ireland Says Yes to Repealing the Eighth Amendment


Friday, May 25th, 2018 will go down in history as the day Ireland said “yes” to repealing its Eighth Amendment.

The Eighth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland deemed abortion as a crime, stating the lives of women and the unborn child they carry as equal, until this past Friday.

Together, we changed Ireland. #together4yes

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Now that abortion has been made legal in Ireland, women have finally gained the right to choose whether or not they can terminate a pregnancy.

The overwhelming vote came as a surprise, with apparently more than 2/3 of the nation voting women should have the right to have a safe, legal abortion. It comes as quite the shock since a great deal of Ireland is of strong, Catholic faith, many of whom have been campigning to keep the Eighth Amendment as it is.

Citizens of Ireland living in other countries, like England and the United States, made their way to Ireland in order to cast their vote and help Ireland’s women gain their right to have a legal abortion.

May 25th marked a monumental moment in time for not only the women of Ireland, but women everywhere, slowly but surely being granted the rights to be in complete control of their own bodies and lives.