East Coast Wins Again in the Battle of the Burgers


For the second year in a row, In-N-Out faces defeat, but to what North Atlantic victor?


The “Harris Poll EquiTrend” survey’s “Burger Brand of the Year” category results are in, and the West Coast has come up short yet again to the East Coast’s very own, Five Guys. With almost 1,500 locations, the Washington, DC-based chain has become the new home of America’s favorite burger.

(Instagram/Five Guys)

The restaurant may not offer your burger or fries “animal style,” but that’s only because their secret is keeping things simple. Five Guys sports a no-frills kind of style with their menu that primarily features burgers, hot dogs, fries, and sometimes milkshakes (at participating locations).

While Five Guys may not be quite as cheap as their fast food competitors, that’s because they aren’t a fast food chain. Customers will certainly receive their order promptly, but they’re encouraged to stay awhile and eat as many free peanuts as they please in the meantime–because of course there is no drive-thru.

With their additional fifteen free topping choices and heaping amounts of fries that spill over the cup and out into the paper bag, it’s no surprise that Five Guys are the two-time champions of the burger world.