Justice Brought to Taylor Swift As Her Stalker Is Sentenced


Last year reports came out regarding a break-in and burglary that had occurred at Swift’s New York City apartment.

According to the Daily Mail, he’d written: ‘Something a gatekeeper (a guy dressed up as a security guard in your lobby today) prevented us from sharing @taylorswift13’ above a photo of several candy hearts, one of which read: ‘HOT NOW.’

He also was accroding to the Daily Mail, “to have managed to sneak his way into the corridor outside of Taylor’s unit, and also onto the roof of the building in the middle of the night.”

Mohammed Jaffar officially pled guilty in a Manhattan court and was offered six months jail time, along with five months of a probation period. Along with this Jaffar is set to undergo mental health treatments in the state of Michigan.

Jaffar had allegedly made several past attempts to get in contact with the star. Swift has remained quiet regarding this entire case. We are glad she is safe and there is some closure for her on this case.