Robert De Niro Says Trump is Allowed at Nobu


The co-founder of the Nobu restaurant and hotel chain confirms that Trump is not banned from his establishments after all.

De Niro famously teamed up with Nobuyuki “Nobu” Matsuhisa in 1994 to found the restaurant brand, which was later extended to hotels in 2009.

The esteemed Oscar-winner is also famously critical of Trump, making various appearances portraying special counsel Robert Mueller on Saturday Night Live. He doesn’t have any intention to quiet down either. Back in March, he gave a speech about the President at an event in Los Angeles in which he made the comment, “To be silent in the face of such villainy is to be complicit.”

While De Niro has clarified since his interview with The Daily Mail that he has not, in fact, barred Trump from Nobu, he stands by his initial statement about the President: “If he walked into a restaurant I was in – I’d walk out.”

The Donald actually dined at the Nobu in Moscow about five years ago, and the restaurant even posted a photo of he and Russian singer and businessman Emin Agalarov standing in front of the door to its Facebook page. Of course, Trump will not be prohibited from re-visiting the restaurant, but you’ll be sure never to see De Niro there too if that time does come.