Shay Mitchell Makes the “Bougie Burger”


Actress Shay Mitchell created her own burger and it looks absolutely delicious.In a Youtube video, the Pretty Little Liars star teamed up with Marcel Vigneron, the owner of Wolf Restaurant in Los Angeles to make a one of a kind burger called the “Bougie Burger.”

The burger consists of a plant-based burger, onions, bacon and white cheddar. But what about this burger makes it so “bougie?” The mouthwatering truffles. Put all of that together on a toasted mayo bun and now our mouths are watering.

Watch how they make this delectable burger.

Not only can you taste it, but you can watch Mitchell herself make it at a secret burger showdown in LA on May 26th. She’ll be serving up the Bougie Burger and also be meeting some of her fans. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Because what’s better than Shay Mitchell and burgers?