Author Crush Friday with Sara Wolf

Glitter girls, you have pressing questions for your favorite authors and we have their answers. Welcome to our weekly segment, Author Crush Fridays.


We love asking questions and we love the answers from some of our favorite authors. Today we’re talking to Sara Wolf, the New York Times bestselling author of the page-turning  fantasy YA, Bring Me Their Hearts (June 5, 2018; Entangled Teen). Thank you for talking to us today, Sara! We’re honored!




GLITTER: Tell us five things that people might not know about you.

SARA: – I’m blood type B-! It’s the second rarest blood type in the US next to AB- (Over here vampires!)

– I peed in a dumpster once when I got stuck in it after school! (It’s a long, WEIRD story)

– I can’t stand raw olives >_<

– My first word was eggplant! (Shocked my mom to bits, let me tell you)

– I wrote Pokemon fanfic back in high school! (And it was a 1000 pages long :o)


GLITTER: How would you describe Bring Me Their Hearts to a new reader?

SARA: Bring Me Their Hearts is a dark and twisted tale of a snarky, guilt-ridden monster girl who’s lost her heart to a witch, and can only get it back by stealing the crown prince’s. But with court intrigue, deadly witch hatred roiling through the streets, and a prince who’s not the stuck up noble she thought he’d be, it’s not going to be so easy.


GLITTER: Are there similarities in Bring Me Their Hearts to your Lovely Vicious series?

SARA: There are! I think the main one most people will notice off the bat is Zera. She’s near and dear to my heart, much like the main character of Lovely Vicious, Isis. She speaks her mind (most of the time, except in Zera’s case she has to be more judicious about what she says or she could DIE), she always has a comeback up her sleeve, and all her wittiness is a façade to hide her very damaged interior.


GLITTER: How do you find the emotional truths in your writing?

SARA: That’s one I still constantly struggle with. It’s easy to auto-pilot in writing sometimes, so I have to force myself to come back down to earth and try to relate the current moment I’m writing with my own life. If I write true and honest from the heart instead of auto-piloting, better things usually happen.


GLITTER:  Is this book something we will see on TV or the big screen?

SARA: Wouldn’t that be awesome? The movie/TV rights are still out there in the world, so we’ll see! It all depends on the success of the book itself at launch – and that’s always predicated by book sales, librarian orders, etc. I’d love for it to get a movie/TV thing! But so does every author. I’m remaining realistic.


GLITTER: What one question sparked the whole plot?

SARA: “What if I wrote a story about a monster?” was the central question, for sure. It all spiraled from there – I was thinking about anti-heroines, and then villains, and then I asked myself ‘what if I just mix the two?’. And thus Zera was born.


GLITTER: Do you have any particular writing rituals?

SARA: Not especially! It’s hard for me to keep a decent schedule, but I try. Shutting off wi-fi when I’m ready to work (or just shutting down my phone) works really well, because then I have nothing else to distract me.


GLITTER: What character do you relate most to?

SARA: Definitely Zera, though I relate a lot to all of them. All of them took a little out of me when I wrote them, so they are all very special.


GLITTER: What was the first book that you ever wrote, even if it wasn’t published?

SARA: My Pokemon fanfic! At 1000 pages it was a HEFTY beast, and I was so full of myself I thought Nintendo would sue me for it. (LOL)


GLITTER: Do you have anything that you love to collect?

SARA: I like collecting plush animals, specifically stuff from Sanrio, like Gudetama and Rilakkuma. They’re just so cute and soft, and they live in a corner of my bed.


GLITTER: Did any of the authors you read in high school affect how you write now?

SARA: For sure. In high school I was obsessed with the Wind on Fire trilogy by William Nicholson. I also read a ton of Vonnegut, which is sort of typical and blah. Honestly, most of the authors I read in high school were fellow fanfic writers, and they were AMAZING.


GLITTER: What are you passionate about in life?

SARA: Writing always. Telling stories that help people is my number one passion. When I was little my family went through some rough things, and reading helped me through like nothing else did. I’m so very lucky and grateful to be able to write now that I’m older, and maybe continue that cycle of help where it’s needed, at times when it’s needed most.


GLITTER: What are you working on right now?

SARA: The second book of Bring Me Their Hearts, of course! And another fantasy/YA, but that’s super secret. 😉





Sara Wolf is a twenty-something author who adores baking, screaming at her cats, and screaming at herself while she types hilarious things. When she was a kid, she was too busy eating dirt to write her first terrible book. Twenty years later, she picked up a keyboard and started mashing her fists on it and created the monster known as Lovely Vicious. She lives in San Diego with two cats, a crippling-yet-refreshing sense of self-doubt, and not enough fruit tarts ever.

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