Jackie Aina Teaches You How to Fake Microbladed Brows


In beautyYouTuber Jackie Aina’s latest video, she teaches you how to fake a microbladed brow.

Actresses Lucy Hale and Lily Collins may have lusciously full brows naturally, but most people are not that lucky.

Recently we told you how to Get the Eyebrows You’ve Always Dreamed Of using a technique called microblading.

The costly tattooing procedure mimics the look of fine hairs creating fuller, natural-looking eyebrows that last for 1 to 3 years.

Getting microblading done is an excellent way to achieve perfectly full, no-makeup brows, but the risks are not just financial.

In a video posted by Alissa Ashley, My Microblading Experience, the YouTuber describes being traumatized by the experience because of an allergic reaction that caused the area around her eyes to swell.

Allergic reactions like Ashley’s are not common; however, you can avoid having one and the cost by following Jackie Aina’s tips.

While Jackie does have her eyebrows microbladed, she duplicates the process with an eyebrow pencil for her full makeup looks.

The key to Jackie’s trick is to understand your brows, and focus on feathering hairs rather than drawing them.

“You need to tell your brows where to go. Don’t let them run your life, girl. Cause they really will if you let them,” said the beauty guru.

Using Kat Von D’s Signature Brow Precision Pencils, Jackie defines her eyebrow shape and creates hairs according to their position on the brow. Doing this is how she creates the microbladed look.

Watch Jackie’s video below to get the full demonstration.