Donald Glover Makes an Appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jimmy Kimmel recently invited Donald Glover on his show to talk about his role in the new Star Wars movie, his “This is America” music video, and Stevie Wonder.

Kimmel gives a warm welcome to the incredibly talented actor, singer, songwriter, and director, Donald Glover, and starts off the show talking about the recent buzz regarding Glover’s new music video for the latest hit, “This is America”. Donald sarcastically claims that his main goal was for his video to surpass the amount of views that the infamous keyboard cat video had received.

this is america. link in description.

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Jimmy then questions if he has read up on some of the internet theories regarding the hidden themes of his extremely powerful music video and Glover admits to steering clear of the internet in hopes of escaping any negative comments.

Stevie Wonder is then brought into the mix when Kimmel asks Donald how the legendary singer and songwriter’s birthday party was the night before. Glover expressed the excitement he had to attend the superstar’s bash and the utter awe he felt when he was asked to perform Superstitious alongside Stevie.

After discussing the newly developed relationship between Wonder and Glover, Kimmel congratulates Donald on landing the role of Lando in “Solo: A Star Wars Story”. It turns out that this Star Wars character was actually the first toy Donald ever had as a child. Therefore, since his childhood, Glover has always had an admiration for the character, Lando, and made sure to let his agent know he was interested in the part if the movie was ever made.

Luckily enough, the movie was made and Donald Glover gets to impress us with his unreal acting skills in “Solo: A Star Wars Story”, in theaters now!