These Doughnuts Are Too Pretty to Eat

A little shop from Downey, CA is gaining popularity with their Mexican inspired doughnuts.

Donas is known for their colorful display and a wide variety of doughnuts like Horchata and Mazapan. But their trademark baked good is a Selena inspired doughnut, called “BiriBom,” based on one of many popular songs by the late artist. The doughnut is dunked into a purple honey lavender glaze, followed by loads of glitter. Its sparkle makes it almost impossible to eat.

Fill your cravings with a doughnut ice cream sandwich and cereal covered doughnuts. But don’t forget this delicious beauty, the Peanut Butter Cheesecake.

And you know what would go absolutely perfect with a glitter dunked doughnut? A creamy milkshake.

If you are ever in Downey, CA and are looking for a sweet treat to satisfy that sweet tooth, head over to Donas for a quick fix of yummy flavors.