I Like My Water Boxed, Hydrate + Help the Environment with Boxed Water

We were on the hunt for the best alternative to plastic bottled water in order to help the environment and reduce the amount of plastic waste.

Packaging water in plastic bottles produces carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses and clogs landfills. We dabbled with glass bottled water and it turned out to be super cumbersome. It’s not ideal to grab and go, we had some delivery mishaps with shattered glass bottles and frankly, they are super heavy to deal with.

We then came across Boxed Water. We had seen the brand before and took time to revisit, why they are such a great choice for hydrating on the daily. 

Boxed Water offers a convenient, environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic bottled water. By using paper, a renewable resource, Boxed Water is more sustainable and better for the planet.

They are 100% recyclable and ship flat to their regional filling locations; reducing their carbon footprint compared to plastic. By shipping flat boxes to the source, they use 1 truck for every 26 trucks that many plastic bottle companies use. Roughly three-quarters of each of their boxes are made of paper, fully recyclable and free of BPAs and phthalates. Their paper comes from well-managed forests which are continually being replanted to replace harvested trees, helping offset their carbon footprint and allowing everyone to breathe easier.

Boxed Water tastes better.  Their 8-step water purification process ensures our water is delivered completely free of impurities and minerals. Many leading bottled water brands contain more than 20 dissolved solids. Boxed Water is pure and their pH is very close to neutral, which they state offers the best hydration for your body.

To learn more, check out their website for ordering information and start making the planet a better place.