5 Ways to Celebrate World Book Day

Today is World Book Day for all you fellow bookworms.

There are so many ways to celebrate World Book Day, including reading your favorite book, but why not try something new. Here are just some of the ways to show appreciation to books and literature.

Meet Up with Other Book Lovers

Make plans with your friends to discover a new book store, attend a reading in your area, or even just read your favorite book together. You may even want trade your favorite books with one another.

Go to the Library

Visit your local library and talk to the staff. Ask them about books they prefer and books to recommend in your favorite genre. You can find your new favorite book without having to buy it first, plus you may have found your new book guru.

Reorganize Your Collection

Go through your book collection and rearrange it in a way that feels satisfying to you. This could be by size, genre, author, alphabetically, or whatever you prefer.


By taking the time to reorganize your book collection, you get the chance to find books you don’t need anymore, or maybe extra copies you have collected over the years. You can donate these books to thrift stores, libraries, and schools. Who knows, maybe your books will ignite someone else’s fire for reading.

Find a New Reading Spot

Stumbling upon a new reading spot is almost as exciting as finding a new book to read. Check out coffee shops, parks, or even a new room in the house.