Melissa McCarthy and The Cast of ‘Life of the Party’ Make an Appearance on The Ellen Show

(Photo by Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.)

Melissa McCarthy appears on The Ellen Show, this morning, wearing a “Ellen” onesie and then later is joined by the cast of the upcoming film Life of the Party.

Melissa McCarthy, star of upcoming film Life of the Party, showed that she’s humorous on and off the camera on The Ellen Show. She came out dancing and rocking an “Ellen” onesie, that made the host of the show chuckle and question how in the world does one get a look alike onesie.

(Photo by Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.)

The two continued to crack jokes as Ellen asked McCarthy about her “aggressive” dancing with Jennifer Lopez at Ellen’s 60th birthday party. Melissa apologizes to J-Lo then goes onto say,”Somehow when I hit a dance floor and there may be three drinks in me, I’m like I should I do this professionally.” After discussing the whole dance debacle, Ellen displayed a throwback headshot of McCarthy sporting a tiny cowboy hat and cowboy boot earrings. McCarthy then begins to tell the hilarious backstory of Diane; it is just too good to miss.

Then, Melissa was joined by her Life of the Party co-stars Molly Gordon, Debby Ryan, Jessie Ennis, and Adria Arjona. The four girls play a game of Flip Cup against Melissa McCarthy. Since the odds are not in McCarthy’s favor she loses, then is challenged to a little dance battle with tWitch.

Life of the Party comes out Thursday, May 10th and hopefully we get to see more of McCarthy’s dance moves. And hopefully she’s a little better at flip cup.