Local Fox Anchors Bash Black Student for Being Accepted into 20 Colleges


Local Fox anchors received backlash after calling 17-year old Michael Brown’s decision to apply to 20 universities and receiving full-ride scholarships from all of them “obnoxious.”

Brown was admitted to all of the top US universities including Stanford, Yale, and Harvard and got full-rides to all of them. The Houston native also received $260,000 in additional scholarship offers.

The video surfaced on Twitter of the anchors criticizing Brown for applying to 20 colleges saying that he took away a spot from another student and basically waitlisted other students. They also said that it was “ridiculous” for Brown to apply to that many schools.

Once the video started to become viral, these Fox anchors received a lot of backlash from Twitter users. Check out the reactions below:

Congratulations to Michael Brown on this remarkable accomplishment and good luck on your future endeavors.