Zendaya’s Skin Will Make You Want to Drink More Water


She is glowing.

There are many reasons to be inspired by Zendaya. Whether she is shaking things up on TV and movies or sporting solid looks on the red carpet, the starlet is radiant.

Her skin keeps stealing the show. Regardless of what she is rocking, her skin is what keeps us alive and well this season.

Hard to read.

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While we know that she has released her own skincare routine, we’ve got some suggestions too.

Here are the tips you can never forget:

Drink lots of water. You need to stay hydrated if you want any shot at the blemish-free skin you want.

Snack on some citrus for some detoxing. While lemons have been said to support your liver, there’s a clear connection between healthy organs and one’s healthy skin.

Exercise to deliver oxygen and nutrients to help the skin you’re in.

Remove your makeup even if it’s after a long day.

Exfoliate in order to remove any dead skin cells from one’s face and allow the healthy, glowing skin to emerge from underneath.

Eat “good fats” found in avocados and almonds to keep skin looking healthy and plump.


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By being consistent with these steps, you will be glowing like Zendaya in no time.