Taco Bell Creates Chip Line That Spices Things Up


Taco Bell will be releasing a line of chips based off their sauces.

Taco Bell is introducing a new line of chips that is based off their mild and fire sauces. The chips will be released in grocery and convenience stores starting in May. The Mild is said to include hints of three chili peppers while the Fire will include chili and jalapeno peppers.

Besides the Mild and Fire flavors, there will also be a Classic style, which is simply salted. The bags even resemble the iconic packets the chips are based on.  The chips will be produced through Sugar Foods and will be sold alongside the other Taco Bell products currently produced by Kraft.

This isn’t the first time Taco Bell has put its foot into the chip department. It has partnered with Fritos Lay to produce the Doritos Locos tacos, which has become a big hit. It even sells its own tortilla chips and also sold, for a limited amount of time, bagged Doritos Locos chips.