ASK AN EXPERT: Journalist, Jennifer Streaks, on Cultivating an Affordable Lifestyle

Financial expert and journalist, Jennifer Streaks, who has been featured on ABC, MSNBC, and HuffPost Live, recently sat down with Glitter to talk about her first book, Thrive!…Affordably, some of her greatest achievements, her advice for women working together, her advice for those who want to make a difference politically, and her advice for women wanting to follow in her footsteps.

This year, Jennifer is one of the panelists at the Black Women in Media Conference on March 28-29, 2018 in New York City. Tickets for the BWIM Conference are still available and they can be found here. Read on to find out Jennifer’s amazing advice for women who want to make a difference politically.


GLITTER: Can you tell us a bit about what you do?
JENNIFER: Personal Finance and Affordable Lifestyle Expert. I explain financial issues and give you the means to handle your money and to live your best life without breaking the bank. Like I always say, “no one wants to just pay bills and die!”  This has struck a chord with the masses because so many are living paycheck to paycheck or find that they have more month than money.  The result has been becoming an established columnist and reporter having written for The Huffington Post, Motley Fool and Black Enterprise and so many others.  I have also been featured on ABC, MSNBC, FOX Business, HuffPost Live and TVOne, discussing sought after lifestyle tips showing consumers how to achieve an “affordable lifestyle” and that finances do not have to be a chore. And what is really exciting is that my first book, Thrive!…Affordably, has been doing so well!


GLITTER: What have been some of your greatest achievements?
 Besides my education (I have a law degree and an MBA), I would have to say being published. Yes, my book, Thrive!…Affordably, has done really well, but I have also been published in major publications and that is true validation when you submit ideas and can bring them to life through your pen.


GLITTER: What is some advice for women on networking and working together?
JENNIFER: I think as women we need to continue working on supporting each other and being kind to each other. Take a moment to reach out and help another woman. No one got where they are by themselves.


GLITTER: What advice do you have to those wanting to make a difference politically?
If you want to engage politically, just get out there and do it. Right now, I am writing an article on credit and minority applicants and legislation that is going through that would basically make it easier for banks to once again engage in redlining. Whatever your talent is bring it to the political process. Will I run for office?  No. But I know that I have a voice, a platform, and a pen and I will use that to shine a light on the work that needs to be done.


GLITTER: What’s a day like for you from morning to night?
JENNIFER: My day starts out busy; I am up early watching the news shows so that I stay informed.  During the day I will have several phone meetings and interviews for stories that I am writing. Right now, I am vetting a few corporate sponsorships and that requires time. As we get closer to the tax deadline then my days will include on-air appearances discussing how to best handle tax issues.


GLITTER: Coffee or Tea?
JENNIFER: I am definitely a coffee person! Like hook it up to my veins lol! I love great coffee and can be a coffee snob actually.


GLITTER: Favorite fashion indulgence?
JENNIFER: I love Chanel (don’t we all), Theory, and Frame jeans! Anything that Rihanna is wearing is always eye-catching. But at the end of the day, I am a fitted dress or skinny jeans, jacket and heels girl.


GLITTER: How do you stay healthy with such a high paced career? 
JENNIFER: Get this: I actually love working out! Being 5”10 helps a lot, but I like to feel strong and look fit, so I am in the gym three times a week and sometimes I will work out with a trainer for a bit to kick start a fitness goal. I am also big into healthy smoothies and acai bowls and I take hair/skin vitamins, collagen, all of it! I love feeling like I am taking good care of myself.


GLITTER: Glitter has a Celebrity #SelfLoveCampaign, what’s self-love mean to you? 
JENNIFER: Self-love to me means taking time to relax. Just slowing everything down (since I am always running around) and being quiet. I also love to swim and the head quiet that you get with that exercise is great. I also love music; R&B, rap and even Jazz, so putting on some really good music is relaxing as well.

GLITTER: What’s on your playlist right now?

JENNIFER: On my playlist right now: Drake, Meghan Trainor, Eric B and Rakim, Raheem DeVaughn, G-Eazy, Jay-Z.


GLITTER: Favorite places to travel?
JENNIFER: Favorite places to travel: Any place with a Vineyard, I have been to Paris twice and intend to go back, the Inn at Perry Cabin is a great place for a relaxing, but close getaway.


GLITTER: What words of advice do you have for women wanting to follow in your footsteps?
You already have everything you need inside you to pursue anything you want in this world. No one is any better or greater than you are, so just do it!