Starbucks Has a New Frapp to Celebrate Spring


If you remember the unicorn frappuccino that Starbucks released last spring, then this new recipe will surely excite you.

This new frappuccino from Starbucks is called the Crystal Ball frappuccino. This crystal ball drink will be peach flavored with swirls of turquoise and whipped cream topped with purple rock candy. The drink is set to be available on March 22nd. When the unicorn frappuccino was released it quickly sold out. Hopefully, the stores will be more prepared for this release.

This drink is only for a limited time and is sure to take over all of your social media news feeds for the next few days. The unicorn frappuccino had split reviews on whether or not the drink actually tasted good. Hopefully, this new crystal ball drink will not have such mixed reviews. To beat the rush, order through the Starbucks app to skip the line and earn rewards as well. Also, make sure to thank your barista, because if this is anything like last year was, they will be going 100 miles an hour to make hundreds of these drinks until the special ends.