Interview: Rydel on Her New Clothing Line, RYDEL

(Michael Becker)

We’re so excited, and we can’t hide it!

Rydel has a new clothing line coming soon. Yes, you heard us right, Rydel Lynch of R5, has her own clothing line, RYDEL, that is launching this month! Glitter recently sat down with Rydel to get the scoop on her new clothing line, what’s up next for R5, who she’d collaborate with in the future, and the one thing she cannot live without!

(Michael Becker)


GLITTER: What’s next for R5?

RYDEL: New projects in the works, individually and together. We are all super excited. Anxious to see what the future holds.


GLITTER: Would you ever consider going solo or collaborating with another artist in the future? 

RYDEL: I can’t see myself ever leaving the boys, they’re too much fun! But I’m always down to collab!

(Michael Becker)


GLITTER: Do you have any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

RYDEL: I am beyond stoked that my new clothing line, “RYDEL,” is launching this month!! I’ve been busy at NYFW and now I’m back in LA and finalizing everything! Look for it on and follow my socials for updates! Instagram and Twitter @RYDEL.


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