Interview: The Fosters’ Meg DeLacy Finds Inspiration Through Music and Melody

(Rebecca Orlandini)

Singer/songwriter, Meg DeLacy, finds her inspiration through pure sound.

She describes her music as a bit of R&B/pop. She can also be seen on the Freeform show, The Fosters, where she plays Grace. Don’t worry, for those wondering, there’s still hope for Brandon and Grace!

(Rebecca Orlandini)


GLITTER: How would you describe your sound?

MEG: R&B/pop. A bohemian sultry vibe.

Related artists would include SZA, Sabrina Claudio, H.E.R, Alina Baraz and Jhene Aiko.


GLITTER: Do any of you play any instruments?

MEG: I play guitar.


GLITTER: Where do you find your inspiration?

MEG: Through music, melody, lyrics and pure sound I find it the easiest to directly communicate, touch and learn about other people. They say through song and poetry you reveal your soul and something about yourself that cannot be compromised or hidden. In the past I’ve found most of my inspiration comes from writing poetry with my brother. Whether it’s vulnerable and sad, straight up and blunt or sensual and flirty I found that poetry mixed with a melody: music allows me to release tension.  It allows me to be myself while giving no apologies.



GLITTER: What can you tell us about your new single, “Bruises?” What is the message of the song?

MEG: My song, “Bruises,” emulates passion –  this song is about emotional love marks that you shouldn’t hide. If the song was a color, it would be purple:  tender and passionate.  It’s soulful and dark with a groove and jazz undertones.


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