Interview: Luna Blaise Talks About Her Role as Nicole on ABC’s Fresh off the Boat

(Dawn Kingston)

Actress, Luna Blaise, is best known for playing Nicole, Eddie Huang’s next-door neighbor on the hit ABC series, Fresh off the Boat.

Glitter recently sat down with Luna to talk about her role on Fresh off the Boat, what other roles she’s had in the past, what she loves to do on her downtime, and something her fans may not know about her. Did you also know in addition to being on camera, she’s also a talented musician?


GLITTER: Did you always want to be an actress?

LUNA: As long as I can remember I LOVED pretending to be different characters. When I was a little girl I would have friends over for play dates and come up with a story ideas and characters for us to bring to life through dramatic plays.


GLITTER: What can you tell us about ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat?

LUNA: Fresh Off the Boat has been a dream come true for me on so many levels. We have a dream cast and crew. One of my favorite things about working on this show is the fact that from the very beginning we have always had strong empowered females in key positions. Our show runner Nahnatchka Kahn is the incredible female force leading this train. We have female writers and directors. I am so grateful to work with strong female role models.


GLITTER: Who do you play?

LUNA: My character’s name is Nicole, and she lives next door to Eddie Huang (Hudson Yang). In the first season, she was Eddie‘s love interest – they’ve been through a lot. She has broken his heart and through the years they’ve formed a super deep friendship. In season four, Nicole confessed for the first time that she was gay to Eddie. They have a unique and special bond.


GLITTER: Does the show cover any controversial issues?

LUNA: Fresh Off the Boat has never been shy when it comes to controversial issues. Having Nicole come out this season, I think the writers have not held anything back. They have pushed the envelope in regards to LGBTQ+ issues in a very poetic and informative way. Which I believe has really resonated with viewers. In the season finale they tackle another relevant issue through Nicole’s character.


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