Interview: Lindsey Morgan Dishes on the Upcoming Season of CW’s The 100

(Ryan West)

Actress, Lindsey Morgan, is best known for playing the tough as nails, Raven Reyes, on the hit CW show, The 100.

Glitter recently sat down with Lindsey to get some insight into the upcoming fifth season of The 100, what positive message she hopes her followers can walk away with, and what pushes and motivates her on a daily basis. She’d also love to play a superhero in the future.

(Ryan West)


GLITTER: When did you first start acting?

LINDSEY: In middle school I did my first play, but I didn’t really start taking it seriously, or pursuing it as a career until I went to college. I loved it from a young age, but I was pretty shy when I started out.


GLITTER: What’s it like acting on The CW’s hit show, The 100? Who do you play?

LINDSEY: Acting on The 100 is any actor’s dream job. It’s a very creative show that is different every episode and every season. Our characters are constantly evolving and are faced with very difficult decisions. The show asks a lot from us as actors physically, emotionally and mentally. I play Raven Reyes, a kick ass, super genius, zero-g mechanical engineer. She stimulates and challenges me creatively constantly.

(Ryan West)


GLITTER: How would you describe Raven? How alike and unalike Raven are you in real life?

LINDSEY: I’d describe Raven as having the mind of MacGyver, meaning she can build anything, the heart of a lion, strong and passionate, and the will of a warrior. Whatever obstacle she faces or is challenged to, she rises to it and gives it her all. She is always putting others before herself and doing anything she can for the greatest good.


GLITTER: What can we expect from season 5 of The 100? We know you can’t give away any secrets, but we’re huge fans of the show, and would love to know something, even if it’s small. Then we can guess on our own. 

LINDSEY: I can’t spill season 5 spoilers, but I can tell you there will be a 6-year time jump from the Season 4 finale. So given, a lot has changed and it’s probably the most exciting season yet!


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