Interview: Gregory Kasyan Is on a Quest

(Anthony Topman)

Gregory Kasyan started acting at the young age of seven-years-old, and has been working ever since then.

Gregory sat down with Glitter to tell us about the new series, Quest, what he loves to do in his spare time, and the best advice he was ever given.


GLITTER: When did you first start acting?

GREGORY: I first started acting theatrically and commercially when I was seven-years-old. I’ve wanted to start since the age of five, but in the two years, we didn’t know how to get me started. Thankfully, a patient of my fathers helped me get started and took me to acting classes, which led me to be scouted by my manager and go on from there.


GLITTER: What can you tell us about Quest? Who do you play?

GREGORY: Quest is a non-romantic story about a 12-year-old graffiti (“Mills”) addict who comes from a broken home of an abusive step-father and mother whom is oblivious to it, and Tim Moellering, who was his football coach and teacher. I play the emotionally unstable child “Mills.” This story is based on the director’s life (which I play as him) of how his teacher saved him from the streets and his abusive step-father.


GLITTER: Who are some of your favorite actors or influencers?

GREGORY: I have many favorite actors, but if It came down to one person it would be Leonardo DiCaprio. Leo influences me because he started his career very similar to mine, and I hope to continue my career the same way he has. His roles and the approach he takes are very inspirational because he gives amazing performances. Not only that, but he uses his voice and power to do good for the world.


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