Interview: China Anne McClain on Her Latest Role in CW’s Black Lightning

(Sean Scheidt)

If you haven’t seen the new CW show, Black Lightning, then you’re living under a rock.

China plays Jennifer Pierce, Jefferson Pierce, AKA Black Lightning’s youngest daughter, who happens to have superpowers of her own. If you want to know what powers she has, you’ll need to tune in every week to watch it unfold. China sat down with Glitter to discuss the show, how she balances acting and life, how she gives back to the community, and if music in the future is a possibility.


GLITTER: Did you always want to be an actress?

CHINA: I always wanted to be a singer! Acting came as a bit of a surprise when I was still very young. I was five years old when I booked my first film and from then on acting has been a true love of mine.


GLITTER: What can you tell us about the new CW series, Black Lightning? Who do you play?

CHINA: Black Lightning revolves around a beloved high school principal, Jefferson Pierce, and his family. What everyone doesn’t know is that he has an alter ego…the retired superhero, Black Lightning. I play Jennifer Pierce, Jefferson’s youngest daughter who ends up developing superpowers of her own as the series continues.


GLITTER: How is Black Lightning like and unlike any of the other superhero series out there now?

CHINA: Black Lightning features the first African American FAMILY of superheroes on network television. The series is also very much rooted in reality as opposed to being fantastical, which I feel helps people relate to the show on a more personal level.


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