Interview: Chandler Kinney on the New Season of Fox’s, Lethal Weapon

Photographer: Benjo Arwas Makeup: Sean Harris Hair: Anthony Pazos Styling: Maison Privée PR

While our cover girl, Chandler Kinney, is best known for playing Riana Murtaugh on the Fox series, Lethal Weapon, opposite Damon Wayans, you might have also seen in her in a few other shows, including Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World, and K.C. Undercover.

Chandler recently sat down with Glitter to talk about her love for acting, what it’s like working on Fox’s Lethal Weapon, her non-profit, Chandler’s Friends, and her dream role.


GLITTER: When did you first start acting? Did you always want to act, or did you start out doing something else and then fall in love with acting?

CHANDLER: I actually wasn’t interested in acting until I was nine-years-old, mostly because of the fact that I wasn’t even aware of the activity being a possibility for me. I was never presented with the opportunity to consider it. However, I did know from a very young age that I would be an entertainer; my love and joy for performing was an innate quality for me. I began dancing at the age of three. It was the first thing I was truly passionate about and for a long time, I dreamed of becoming a professional dancer and joining a company one day. After filming a huge dance commercial and having my first experience on set, I signed with a commercial agent and started taking acting lessons. I was immediately intrigued and fell in love with the craft. It was a very natural and smooth transition into the world of film and television.

Photographer: Benjo Arwas Makeup: Sean Harris Hair: Anthony Pazos Styling: Maison Privée PR


GLITTER: What’s it like acting on Fox’s Lethal Weapon? Who do you play?

CHANDLER: Working on Lethal Weapon is some of the greatest fun I’ve ever had working on a project. We have an outstanding cast and a very dedicated crew. The environment in which we work in is one that encourages creativity and experimentation. It has been the best place for me to grow and learn while observing greatness first-hand. I play Riana, the daughter of Roger Murtaugh. She’s a very clever and quick-witted, confident, strong girl. She can also be a bit rebellious and quite stubborn when she stands up for something she believes in. Riana has been such a joy to play because she pushes me to take risks and operate outside of my comfort zone.


GLITTER: What is it like working with Damon Wayans?

CHANDLER: As I’m sure you can imagine, working with Damon is so much fun! He’s really a lovely human being whom I admire and respect deeply. He is also very wise, so I’ve learned a great deal from him not only about things within the entertainment industry, but also completely outside of the business. I love hearing from his perspective and receiving his advice. And of course, it’s no surprise that he is hilarious. I am constantly in awe of how quick and clever he can be. He’s truly a genius at what he does. I’m really grateful to be working with Damon and to have him in my life.


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