Two People Arrested After Student Posts Footage of Racist Chanting Outside Her Room

Rufaro Chisango, who attends Nottingham Trent University in England, has posted footage of her being racially abused outside of her room, which causes the university to launch an investigation.

Chisango stated that the incident occurred in residence halls where she lives on Monday night. There were at least two male voices chanting, “We hate blacks,” outside of her door. After the urgent investigation, police have arrested two 18-year-old males in connection to the incident.

After a thread of tweets describing her situation and people supporting her and encouraging her to report it to the police, the university has spoken up about the incident stating an investigation has begun.

So far, only two men have been arrested. It is terrible that this kind of racial banter still exists in our society and around the world. Hopefully justice will continue to be served in this devastating incident and questions can be answered after this arrest.