Your Girl’s Night Will Not Be Complete Without These 5 Face Mask Ideas

Girl’s nights are the best.

You get together with your best girlfriends, drink wine, watch movies, and pamper yourselves. No girl’s night is complete without facials. There are a few recipes you can make at home and they also target certain things like acne and dry skin.

1- Hydrating avocado face mask –  This mask will keep your face well hydrated.

2- Tomato mask – This mask will help with acne and scars left by acne.

3- Papaya face mask – This mask will help soften skin because papaya has enzymes that help nourish and soften the skin.

4- Almond face mask – This is great for tightening pores.

5- Carrot face mask – This mask can help repair sun damage because we all forget to wear sunscreen every once in a while.

All of these are guaranteed to be a hit at the next girl’s night.