Crock-Pot Dinner Recipes for When You Are Too Busy to Actually Cook

If you are in college or just moved out and are working a lot to pay the bills, the last thing you want to do is to come home and cook.

College is stressful and working 8-10 hour days is exhausting. The thought of coming home after a long day to cook dinner does not sound appealing. The choice that sounds easier is to just get take out again for the fifth time that week. It may not be the healthiest but that goes out the window when you are tired. Something that you can do besides cooking a dinner from scratch is to prepare a crock-pot meal. All you do is throw everything together in the crock-pot, let it cook all day while you are out and when you come home after a long day dinner will be waiting for you. Here are a few ideas that will make dinner easier for your busy week.

Cajun chicken and sausage alfredo pasta: If you are a fan of spice this recipe has a little kick to it and it is so good.

Mac n Cheese: The world’s best comfort food.

Buffalo chicken wings: You just put the wings and your sauce in and they will taste amazing.

Broccoli cheese soup: For those cold or rainy days, soup is the way to go.

Crock-pot meals are so easy and help out with a busy schedule. There are plenty of recipes that could be done in a crock-pot like the ones above.