Trump + Gov FL No Shows at CNN Town Hall, Hear What Surviving Students of Stoneman Douglas Shooting Had to Say to Marco Rubio + the NRA


CNN hosted a town hall with Jake Tapper to hear what the survivors had to say about gun control and address the leaders in charge about such an important issue.

Tapper began the town hall with a moment of silence while showing photos of the victims to remember the ones who died in the devastating school shooting.

The leaders whom the students addressed at the town hall did not include Trump or the Governor of Florida being that they were not in attendance.

Rubio spoke at the town hall mentioning the polarization that exists in our nation and how it is hard to demand action and have this kind of conversation when everyone is politically isolated.

However, a father of a shooting victim was rightfully quick to call out Rubio and his “weak” comments as well as President Trump’s “weak” comments. He also calls for Rubio to accept the fact that guns were the reason for this terrible tragedy and take some action.

Rep. Deutch also addressed the crowd during the town hall.

Democratic Sen. Nelson mentioned that Rubio had “guts” for attending the town hall while also calling out that Florida Governor Scott did not. He further stated that he always had guns and enjoys hunting but “an AK-47 and an AR-15 is not for hunting it’s for killing.”

Major applause occurred when Cameron Kasky, who is a junior in high school and school shooting survivor, asked Rubio to tell everyone that he will never accept a single donation from the NRA. The crowd quickly stood to their feet as Kasky called out the NRA and Rubio for taking such donations while innocent people are constantly dying at the hands of guns. Rubio answered with saying, “People buy into my agenda,” which caused outrage from the crowd.

Senior Chris Grady who is also a survivor and recently enlisted in the army asked Rubio about banning large capacity magazines.

Emma Gonzalez made her powerful voice heard once again to ask and challenge NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch on whether she believes that it should be harder to obtain semi-automatic and automatic weapons. Of course, being a spokeswoman of the NRA, Loesch sort of beat around the bush and did not necessarily answer the question. Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel challenged Loesch with saying; “You’re not standing up for them until you say ‘I want less weapons.'”

Max Schachtner, father of shooting victim Alex Schachtner, shared a poem that his son wrote.

Even though Rubio may have turned down the offer to not receive anymore donations from the NRA, many are thankful, including school shooting survivor Alfonso Calderon, that he took the time to show up and have his views challenged in order to try to make some changes.

This town hall shows the bravery that came out of the grief and anger from the high school shooting survivors and family and friends from the victims. Hopefully this town hall tonight will move us forward to more policies regarding stricter gun laws.