Now It’s Easy to Get Your Butter Coffee to Go with Grass Fed Coffee

Try the “world’s first ready-to-drink butter coffee” with Grass Fed Coffee.Based in downtown Los Angeles, Grass Fed Coffee consists of four ingredients that include grass fed butter, organic chicory, cold brewed coffee, and MCT oil. These four ingredients are combined to make a healthier alternative to energy drinks with a lower carb and good-tasting coffee.

MCT oil is used to curb appetite, bring focus, and help burn fat. Cold brewed coffee is an ingredient that gives drinkers the energy they need to start their day and has low acidity. Grass fed butter comes from grass fed cows and resets the metabolism and slows caffeine release. It is also full of antioxidants and vitamins.

Since cream is butter, it is not necessarily odd to try butter coffee. Butter coffee is simply a better and healthier option that does not consist of harsh chemicals and is not overloaded with sugar and carbs. Butter coffee from Grass Fed Coffee will give you all of the benefits in brewing coffee at home anytime.