How Phones Destroy Communication

It has become so easy to be able to contact anyone at any time with the click of a button.

This has made everyone’s lives much easier and convenient. The problem with being able to communicate without ever actually hearing a person’s voice or seeing their face is the way their words can be interpreted. We all have stories of a miscommunication between siblings, roommates, or significant others. This is something that can be easily avoided.

What needs to be realized is what should be talked about in person only and what can be talked about throughout the day over text. Any little things that happen throughout the day have a small chance of being misconstrued in any other way than the way you intended it. If anything is bothering you, there should never be a serious conversation through text or even over the phone at times.

We have become so used to not talking face to face that it scares us to have serious conversations with the people we love. It is important to remember that serious conversations are best had in person so nothing can be interpreted in a different way. Cell phones have made our lives more convenient, but also more stressful if we make them the center of our lives. Making sure that we take time away from our phones and unplug is very important to maintain a stress-free life.