Comrad Compression Socks Can Save Your Legs on that Next Long Flight

(Photo by: Annette Brown/Bravo)

You may have caught that episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, when Porshe couldn’t handle a flight to Africa and had to miss her BFF’s wedding due to leg swelling. Did you know that compression socks could have been the answer to her problem? Swollen ankles and feet–which are medically called gravitational oedema and it can make movement and fitting into shoes painful after flying. Swollen ankles and feet can result from the accumulation of fluid building in the body during a flight.

Comrad socks offer the Companions as a great everyday sock made with graduated compression. These knee-highs increase circulation to your legs, reduce swelling, and improve recovery. They come in a range of colors for men and women and are perfect for long flights, extended runs, or after a spin class.

Comrad usees 15-25mmHg Certified Compression engineered to provide therapeutic pressure that starts at the ankle and gradually eases up to the knee, increasing blood flow back to your heart.

These socks feel like a Grandma’s hug but they aren’t your Grandma’s socks. They stay in place yet won’t leave marks. They are designed to help shape and define the contour of your legs, are super soft with premium toe and heel cushioning for casual, dress, or athletic use.

In addition to Comrad socks, you can also reduce or eliminate post-flight ankle and foot swelling by getting up about every 30 minutes and while you’re seated, you should stretch and flex your feet, ankles, and calves. Find out more at