Obama Looks Back on Dropping Malia off to College


Barack Obama never fails to show his love for his children.


In an interview with David Letterman for his show My First Guest Needs No Introduction on Netflix, Obama recalls the day he dropped Malia off to Harvard. Though he may be the former president of the United States, that doesn’t mean he didn’t become as emotional as many parents do when they drop their first child off at college.

While Michelle and Sasha quickly got to work to help set up Malia’s room, Obama admits he was too much of a mess to do much. He told Letterman that Malia asked him to put a desk lamp together. A task that should have taken him several minutes, it took him a half an hour to complete. “I was just pretty pathetic,” he said.

Knowing her father’s sadness over her leaving the nest, Malia texted Obama heart emojis when he arrived home. Can someone say father-daughter goals?