The Tide Pod Challenge is Still Happening + It’s Dangerous


These challenges that kids are doing these days are getting way too out of hand. 

I remember the challenges that my friends would try back in middle school. They would do the cinnamon challenge, where you would try and swallow a spoon full of cinnamon without choking. There was also planking, where you posted pictures of yourself planking on the most random of stuff and seeing who could be the most outrageous with it. The challenges happening now are not funny, but extremely dangerous. One challenge was the salt and ice challenge that involved putting salt on your skin and then an ice cube which burns the person. There were reports of 3rd-degree burns from that challenge. Another challenge was condom snorting. The most recent challenge is the Tide Pod challenge. This involves putting, that’s right, a laundry soap pod in your mouth and biting it for bragging rights. This is one of the most dangerous ones because there are chemicals in the pods, and even if they did not eat the pod it can still hurt them. The chemicals are still in their mouth. We’re hoping this challenge stops quickly and we can go back to the days of simply planking again.

If you or anyone you know has come into contact with these pods call 911 or contact your nearest American Association of Poison Control Centers.

Call (800) 222-1222