Kickstart the New You, with Elle Macpherson’s Plant Based Elixir from WelleCo

Get healthy with super greens and protein.

WelleCo is a premium whole food and organic supplements company founded by Elle Macpherson and developed by a Nutritional Doctor. Elle learned about alkaline versus acidic foods and how our bodies were designed to absorb nutrition via natural foods, not synthetic pills and she’s sharing her beauty and health secrets through WelleCo Products.

“Modern life, processed food and everyday incidental toxic overload meant I needed to boost my natural diet and I think a lot of people feel the same way. The most important thing to me is how I feel and I’ve found if my body is getting the nutrients it needs, it shows on the outside.” – Elle Macpherson

WelleCo carefully sources the premium whole food ingredients from known and trusted suppliers with nutrients that easily absorb into the body. Their ingredients come from natural, organic and whole foods and are all handmade in Australia.

Our editors tried WelleCo’s Nourishing Protein. It’s free from synthetic ingredients and is made using premium, cold pressed bio-live ingredients. This means the nutrients can be easily absorbed into your cells. This supplement also supports digestion. A healthy gut pH balance means less bloating and a flat stomach.

WelleCo’s protein is available in chocolate and vanilla and provides enough daily protein to maintain blood sugar levels, a balanced metabolism, and curbs sugar cravings. It has 9 essential amino acids, pre- and probiotics for a healthier gut, B vitamins to balance your mood, weight, and heart health.

It also contains toxic-removing dandelion, immunity-boosting acai high in vitamin C, antioxidant-rich pomegranate, and collagen-building rosehip. You are sure to feel better and look your best.


WelleCo’s The Super Elixer is an ultimate super greens multi-vitamin, packed with 45 bio-live nutrients that work together to ease absorption so they work better in your body. It helps your body heal and repair from inflammation caused by sugar, dairy, alcohol, and stress.  Consumed daily, it will increase energy, give you a stronger immunity and glowing skin.

Just mix your favorite juice with ice and The Super Elixer or simply add water, shake and go to start each day.

We also tried WelleCo’s Organic Rose Geranium Creme, a rich moisturizer that delivers natural re-hydration suitable for face, body, and hair. What’s in it? So much goodness like whipped Australian extra virgin olive oil combined with avocado oil and cocoa butter for smoother softer skin (and hair). It also has sweet almond oil, rose geranium essential oil and anti-oxidant rich pomegranate extract.

WelleCo’s Organic Cacao Lip Balm has a base of organic extra virgin olive oil & beeswax to re-hydrate your lips. Carrot root oil, a powerful antioxidant full of beta-carotene, is included to battle and soothe chapped lips.  It includes rosehip oil to heal plus provides essential fatty acids and vitamins for smoother lips.

To try WelleCo for yourself and bring balance to your body, check out their website to learn more about their products.