How to Stay Motivated in Your Last Semester of College


College is one of the best times of your life.

You get to go to school and learn about something that you love and meet new people. The three things that you look forward to is graduating, getting a job in your field and wanting to crush it. The anticipation increases the closer you get to graduation.

The worst is your last semester of college. You are burnt out. You don’t want to do any more research papers, projects, tests, or homework assignments of any kind. You just want to be done and your motivation to keep going is quickly dying. If you have not experienced this yet, you will.

Don’t panic because it is completely normal. What you need to do is make sure that you stay on track so you can finish your college career strong. Time management is important. It might sound weird, but you start to get too relaxed and you start to get really good at procrastination. Don’t do this. You want your last semester to be as stress-free as possible. Try and get ahead in your classes so you can just cruise through the semester without worrying if you have forgotten about an assignment.

Creating a countdown will also help you stay motivated. Embrace your inner child and create a paper chain that counts down the weeks until the end of the semester. On the rings put inspirational quotes and things to do to treat yourself to keep you sane and reward yourself for staying on task.

Your last semester of college will seem like it drags on forever, but if you get ahead and stay motivated it will fly by. Good luck.