How to Deal with the Invasion of the Flu Bug


Every year we prepare for the arrival of the dreaded flu bug.

This year is no exception when it comes to the arrival of the flu and this year it is not making anyone’s lives easy. Besides the state of Hawaii and Washington D.C, the flu virus has reached everywhere. This came rapidly at the beginning of the year. There have sadly been 20 deaths just for this year.

There are a few things that you can do to help keep yourself healthy. Flu shots help a lot in helping to fight off the flu virus. Drinking more water and getting enough rest help as well. Staying hydrated is important to keep your body healthy and be able to fight off anything that may start to set it. Getting enough sleeps helps your body rest enough to fight off anything that could be potentially making you sick. The most important thing to do is to stay clear of anyone who does have the flu. The flu is very contagious because it is a virus. Making sure that you stay at home if you are contagious and also staying away from people who are sick will help you stay as healthy as you can during this flu season.