Ways to Have a Successful Semester in College


As the spring semester starts, here are some tips to maintain your goals and have a successful semester.

Mark Down Those Important Dates:

Instead of taking your syllabus and sticking it in a folder (or the trash), use it to your advantage. On a calendar or planner, jot down those important dates, such as exam dates, due dates for papers and projects, and tasks. You’ll be less likely to forget these dates and start planning a schedule to complete your studying, writing, and more.

Reward Yourself:

You completed the research you planned to do (thanks to your calendar) or finished all of your assigned readings. Well, go reward yourself. Watch the movie you’ve wanted to see or spend an hour out with friends, it doesn’t matter. Find something that makes you happy and engage yourself in it.

Experts have shown you’re more likely to repeat a task with positive associations. Yes, your mind may be more willing to study if it means you get to have one hour of your favorite TV show. Looks like you’re winning both ways.

It’s All about the Small Things:

Find one small thing to look forward to every day. It’ll be your motivation to get out of bed (yes, you’ll miss your friend) and achieve your goals for the day. It can be something as simple as talking to a friend or reading the next chapter of an exciting book. It will be the thing that pushes you to finish your two-hour block of studying, once again like your rewards.

It’s all about positivity.

The most important thing to remember is that you can only do your best. Good luck this semester.