Ashley Graham Shares Her Story with Sexual Harassment


Ashley Graham has opened up about her own experience with sexual harassment.

While co-hosting with the ladies on ABC’s The View, supermodel Ashley Graham spoke about being a teenage model and experiencing sexual harassment while at a photo shoot.

While 17 years old, Graham shot a photo shoot for a big campaign when a photo assistant approached her.

Graham stated that the assistant “lured [her] into a hallway, pushed me into a closet, he exposed himself and said ‘Look, at what you did to me all day long, now touch it.” She continued on about her response saying, “I freaked out and I ran out of the closet.”

Like many victims, Graham “prayed” no one would find out about the incident, as she wanted to continue to work and not be labeled as a “difficult model that no one wanted to work with again.”

The America’s Next Top Model judge wished she had known others who were “standing up and saying #MeToo,” which would have led her “to smack that guy…[and call him] a pedophile” and call her agency.

Graham believes that the #MeToo Movement is working as women are standing up and saying “No, Me Too” and looking out for one another. We support you Ashley.