How to Survive Life with Roommates


Moving out on your own is such an awesome milestone in your life.

You get to become an independent adult and make all of your own decisions without your parents’ supervision. It is also a great time to live with new people and create new memories. If you live in a dorm during college or in an apartment right out of college, you might live with a friend or a stranger. There are pros and cons of both situations.

Having a stranger as a roommate could turn out to be a good experience in that you could become best friends or just be able to co-exist in a space without the worry of confrontation. Moving in with friends can be great because you are automatically comfortable with them. The bad part of living with friends is sometimes it can destroy friendships due to certain indifferences.

Here are a few tips to survive any of these situations:

1. Communicate. This will build a strong relationship between roommates.

2. Girls’ night. You guys live together so enjoy each other’s company. Find things that you have in common and create a night out of it.

3. Clean. Make a chore list or just clean up after yourself. Clean house equals happy roommates.

4. Respect. Respect each other and each other’s property.

If you follow these tips your new adventure of moving out on your own will go smoothly.