Starbucks’ Stellar New Drinks


On Wednesday, Starbucks announced a trio of specialty drinks to celebrate the arrival of 2018.

The Seattle-based coffee company just announced that they are introducing new drinks to celebrate the beginning of 2018. To start, they describe their “Black and White” as the “festive way to ring in” the new year. The collection of drinks -including a. Cafe mocha, Frappuccino, and hot chocolate- draw on a tasty concoction of espresso, white and dark chocolate, whipped cream, and “chocolate sequins.”

Known for its interesting sizing and strange spellings of names, Starbucks remains to dominate the world of coffee mixology. With a disastrous- yet profitable- take on the newest unicorn trend, the company crafted the Unicorn Frappuccino. Heavily reliant on those who prioritize their aesthetics, the coffee supplier is back at it with sparkles to win over the hearts of millennials everywhere.