Kickstart Your Health with Urban Remedy: Home Delivery of Organic Ready to Eat Meals

Our Glitter team tried Urban Remedy for a week and we have never felt better. 

Urban Remedy is an organic fresh food company that delivers right to your door. 

Everything came packed ice cold and fresh, organized by categories of juices, salads, proteins, soups, and snacks.

It’s super easy to order online. Whether you are looking for a full cleanse, protein enriched meals, keto packed or just a few meal supplements from your weekly meals, Urban Remedy has a variety of options and meal plans.

Thie soups were invigorating. Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, warming ingredients work to strengthen digestion, ease bloating, and remedy low energy levels. These certified organic, plant-based soups give your body a refreshing break from inflammatory foods such as white flour, sugar, dairy, alcohol, and caffeine, and instead fill it with powerful nutrients and antioxidants from warming ingredients like ginger, cayenne, and jalapeño. 

The salads were vibrant and full of crunch. We tried the Spicy Thai Noodles, a low-glycemic, grain-free, gluten-free noodle salad. Low in calories and rich in flavor. Paleo and Ketogenic diet friendly.

We also tried the Umeboshi Salad, a unique, Japanese-inspired salad topped with a homemade Umeboshi Vinaigrette that stimulates digestion along with the Rainbow Salad, a colorful, veggie-forward salad that’s loaded with nutrients to give you energy throughout the day.

Urban Remedy also has a vast selection of juices, shots, and tinctures like this De-Stress which is packed with Vitamin B, which helps balance your mood, reduce stress, and increase clarity of mind, De-stress is what your body’s been holding its breath for. Our tinctures are a base of probiotics, organic alcohol, and purified water.

Check out our video below and make sure to find out more at!